You might be familiar with Mike Bloom’s work if you have heard Rilo Kiley, The Elected, Jenny Lewis, or Julian Casablancas. Mike has toured and recorded with them, and many others (including Harper Simon, Jonathan Rice, and Heidecker and Wood), over the last several years.

Mike’s long-awaited debut solo album, King of Circles, was released on the Little Record Company label (Pierre DeReeder’s of Rilo Kiley). The record made a resounding buzz with bloggers, reviewers, and radio stations nation wide – including finding its way onto Jim Farber’s (renowned NY music critic, NY Daily News) Top 40 albums of 2011.

Having toured the U.S. substantially, and settled into a few residencies in the LA area to promote that record, Bloom is currently spending time in his LA home studio writing and recording songs under his own name, as well as for other artists and projects, including film and television composition.